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Image credit: Noosphere Engineering School via Facebook

Noosphere is an international non-governmental and non-commercial organisation which focuses on the use of scientific research and the knowledge gained to make the world a better place. This Association is formed by a system of entrepreneurial units, coming together to achieve a unified goal, which is to foster an understanding of technology through by sharing their knowledge and skills. The co-founders and leaders of this organisation are Michael Ryabokon and Max Polyakov, who work together to make sure that the Noosphere mission is fulfilled.

Why Noosphere?

The noosphere is the scientific sphere of the world, which is comprised of human thought. This sphere exists alongside the other well known spheres, such as the geosphere and the biosphere. It is said that the first mention of this term dates back to Edouard Le Roy, and is based on the theory of the brilliant Ukrainian scientist, Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky. The theory rides on the hypothesis that the inception of cognition is what shapes the noosphere today.

This inspired Max Polyakov and Michael Ryabokon to establish Association Noosphere to create practical ways by which this theory can be proven. Association Noosphere, based on the teachings of Vernadsky, works hard to create greater awareness, and to advance research and technology. The company seeks to realise this goal by creating a link between education, science and technology in the modern world.

Max Polyakov, a co-coordinator for many educational events, saw the need to include budding scientists into the growing and now widely accepted school of thought. This is done through a combination of several initiatives, challenges and technological conferences that make these ideas available and relevant to society.

Many of the initiatives that Noosphere has created have been done in conjunction with great universities all over the country in order to merge the world of academia, working professionals and students. This synergy is necessary in order for the goal of Noosphere to be achieved. The system created by Max Polyakov does not only work with students and universities, but it also includes various communities and other tech companies, creating a strong forefront for the production and leveraging of information.

Association Noosphere has several other branches that each have a role to play in the dissemination of information - a few of which are listed below:

  • Noosphere Engineering School

This school, founded by Max Polyakov in 2014,  focuses on adopting a practical approach in some of the leading Ukrainian technological universities. It is intended for undergraduate students from technical universities and science enthusiasts. Thus, within the innovation tournament in 2016, students created projects aimed at improving the infrastructure of their universities. As a result, two winning teams received grants to create their first prototypes. In 2017, for instance, a new Ukrainian innovation tournament, “Best device for FAI”, brought together six national teams to develop a device to help score air ballooning competitions.

Image credit: Noosphere Engineering School via Facebook

  • Conferences

AI Rush conference is intended for data scientists and AI experts. A Dribbble Meetup is hosted under the umbrella of Dribbble, a global community of designers and web-developers. NOOMA, NOOsphere MArketing Conference, is a place for online marketing experts to discuss the latest trends in AdTech.

  • Tech fairs and competitions

BestRoboFest, a robotics and innovation festival, let participants dive into the exciting world of technology and fun through robot competitions, free workshops, expos, and art and food zones. Copter Race, a drone-racing competition, was held for the first time in Ukraine, welcoming more than 30 pilots. At the FAI World Championships for Space Models in 2016 the competition itself was coupled with fun and tech-centered activities, such as educational workshops, technological innovation exhibitions, and drone races.

Max Polyakov strongly believes that Ukrainian students, young scientists and engineers can demonstrate their ingenuity and know-how on an international level. That is why, all initiatives considered are aimed at developing the innovation ecosystem in Ukraine. The full list of social initiatives may be found here



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